Palaiochora is a small town in the county of Chania, 77 kilometers away of the city, located on the south-western coast of Crete and built on a small peninsula. The drive to the town passes through many villages. A visit to the byzantine churches in the towns of Kantanos and Plemeniana as well as the small villages of the district will definitely be worth your while.

All around the area of Palaiochora there are numerous well organized beaches and smaller, more private coasts of crystal clear water. The crystalline water surrounding Palaiochora, the picturesque town center and the beautiful alleys around the old venetian castle are some of the reasons why this place has been a coveted holiday destination since the hippie era.

Very close to the town center there are two well organized shores, the sandy Pachia Ammos beach, on the west and the rocky Chalikia beach on the east, both accessible by foot. Furthermore, there are many shores within easy driving distance. One of those is Gialiskari beach which is 3 km east of Palaiochora and offers a choice between a sandy and a rocky shore, both well organized.

Further away, in the region of Koundoura, five km west of Palaiochora, there is a vast variety of coasts such as Grammeno, Karavopetra, Placaki and Krios beach, in of which is bound to satisfy your every need.

Palaiochora is a destination full of colors and interesting contrast, experience it.

An ideal place for long walks and promenades, Palaiochora offers a vast variety of places to visit on the outskirts of the town, such us Samaria gorge, the bosky gorge of Agia Eirini, Anydroi gorge, Topolia gorge and the E4 european long-distance path. This long-distance path includes a wide number of trackways all the way from Palaiochora to Elafonisi, a famous destination of blue-green water and white sand. E4 also reaches to Sfakia though the archaeological site of Lissos and Agia Roumeli.

The pace of life in Palaiochora is ideal for a summer vacation. You can spend your day on the beach, enjoying the sun and the sea, doing water sports, scuba diving or even sailing. In the afternoon you can have your coffee in one of the traditional little cafes of the town or could carry it with you to the old castle and enjoy it while watching the sunset from this panoramic spot. In the evening you can have dinner in a traditional tavern or choose one of the gourmet restaurants and wine bars which are lately blooming in the area and have a dedicated clientele. Finally, for those who want to experience the nightlife in Paleochora, they will discover a cool ambiance in the cafes and bars of the town that place their little tables right on the pedestrian street and serve raki, local wine as well as trendy and original cocktails.